Monday, April 4, 2011

Taking care of Natural hair

I have been "going natural" for about a year now and I am quite proud of the results. It is a process and a journey and it has not been easy transitioning from straight hair using a chemical product called a "perm" to wearing my own natural curly hair.
Below is a picture of a young lady with "permed hair"

I want to know more about why our parents used this chemical when we were young girls and had no say over whether we wanted our hair to be curly or straight. We had no choice, simply because "having straight hair" made our hair more manageable and saved on time preparing for school and church. As a mom, I can totally understand the time management issue, but I also understand the importance of staying true to who you are which is important for every individual.

Below is a picture of my own child who will grow up knowing what "natural hair" is and how to take care of it.

I would like to gain more knowledge on how to take care of my hair and how to wash, condition and upkeep it and also educate my children and other people on how easy it is to wear your "natural hair" than what people may think.
Natural, easy, wash and go hair styles

I plan to collect this information by utilizing the internet and visiting other blogs that are catered to "ntural hair" and what products to use such as you tube, google, twitter and other sites that subjects are strictly about taking care of natural hair.

I plan to report the information on my blog and also create my own youtube videos to demonstrate my findings and what mehods that have been successful for me and prove it to my viewers by creating the video.


All interested groups are included in my needs assessment.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Learning in week 2

This week I learned the importance of this class and the relevance of social media and how it relates to learning. Social networking is not just about connecting with friends and networking, one can also learn alot by implementing these social medias into the classroom and using them for learning as well. Instructor's are using social media in their classrooms more so now than ever, which provides a learning opportunity for the student and the instructor.